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  Outdoor Adventure NorthWest

Licensed Idaho Outfitter
Central Idaho's Premier Off-road Outfitter
Guided and Professionally organized ATV/UTV/Dirt Bike/Adventure Bike packages

Outdoor Adventure is a company dedicated to one thing.

We lead professionally organized ATV/UTV/Dirt Bike/Adventure Bike tours into some of the most spectacular riding in the US.  

Get out there and test your outdoor skills in some of America's most unspoilt and challenging scenery.


Our Trails

Want to ride up into the mountains and finish up with a mountain top view unchanged since the time of Lewis and Clark?

You can even ride the trails that the Nez Perce and Lewis and Clark used.

Then at the end of the day - relax, swap stories and plan the next day's riding.

For a once in a lifetime experience take a 3 or 4 day package and visit York Camp at Warm Springs Bar, right next to the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. 

York Camp is a fully equipped wilderness camp with access to rivers, streams, lakes and wilderness just steps away.

Who leads Outdoor Adventure Activities
and Events?

That would be Ken Witt.


Ken has a lifetime of outdoor activities and experiences to call on from Mountain biking to backpacking to scuba diving to bungee jumping to surfing to skiing and snowboarding and, of course, dirt biking including the Baja 1000, Desert 100, Supercross, and many other experiences.


He's also a great cook and all-around outdoorsman. If you want to experience the outdoors - Ken can guide you. To read more about Ken's background read his full bio here.

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